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03-25-2012 Drug companies watching India's drug patent case The Globe and
12-21-2011 Metcalfe Grannies raise $1,750 for African grandmothers Your Ottawa
12-07-2011 Grannies baking furiously for annual cookie walk Your Ottawa
03-01-2011 Grannies on the Hill and Around the Region Drumbeat
Volume 5 No. 3
11-17-2010 Please, don't let politics block drug bill for AIDS victims in developing countries AfriCom
10-28-2010 Grandmothers protest the gutting of Canada's Access to Medicines Bill (Click to view video)

WHAT HAPPENED: The Industry Committee went through Bill C-393 clause by clause in order to make their recommendations to the House of Commons (due November 1, 2010). The grandmothers were there. It was a frustrating and exhilarating day. We saw a deliberate effort to run out the clock. M. Masse, sponsor of the bill, offered to drop contentious clauses if the ctte would agree not to gut the key clauses that make it possible for generic manufacturers to do business.

They did run out of time and the committee seemed prepared to end it there. One of our grandmothers scolded them for not having enough time to save dying women and children — and all walked out. This caused the committee to reconsider and decide to reconvene on Monday. All in all, it was a shameful exhibition — but we have another chance. For those of you who want to help, there is a short window of opportunity to influence Monday‚Äôs outcome.
08-26-2010 Local grandmothers looking to turn the tide to help African Grannies with bike ride from Kanata to Metcalfe Kanata EMC
04-08-2009 Trivia and auction: it's all about the kids The Winchester
01-02-2009 Metcalfe grannies fight AIDS in Africa Winchester