Grannies All About Kids

The Metcalfe area has its own "Grannies" group — actually a multi-generation group committed to helping grandmothers in sub-Saharan Africa who are raising their grandchildren orphaned by AIDS.

We are part of a wider network of over 240 Grandmothers Groups across Canada working in collaboration with the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

What do we do?

We educate our families, friends and the local community about the situation faced by families in Africa.

We also raise funds to help grandmothers in Africa care, feed, clothe and comfort the next generation.

Visit the homepage for Grandmothers Advocacy Network

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Canadian grannies and their families rap to K'naan's Wavin Flag to demand that Canada make good on its promise to provide affordable medicines to countries in need. A child dies every 6 seconds in developing countries because of a lack of affordable, lifesaving medicines. Some 17 million children in Africa have been orphaned because of HIV/AIDS. Most are being raised by their courageous, desperately poor grandmothers. You can help.

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